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Uday Deb

India is a land of affection, devotion, brotherhood, a land of tradition and custom. Respecting each and every different’s custom and tradition we have fun many gala’s right here and it’s no longer flawed to mention it’s a land of gala’s. Makar sankranti is without doubt one of the essential gala’s in Hindu tradition which is devoted to Lord Solar. In this auspicious day, the Solar begins its northward, or uttarayan motion or strikes against the northern hemisphere. So it’s referred to as Uttarayan. From Makar sankranti, days change into longer and nights shorter, and it marks the top of the iciness. Earlier than this, the Solar used to be moved against the southern hemisphere for which all the way through iciness, most often nights change into longer than the times. Additionally it is marked as the start of the spring. Some other trust is that in this auspicious day Solar enters the zodiac makar, or capricorn. In step with Hindu mythology and scriptures it’s believed that dakshinayan motion is God’s evening which is regarded as because the darkest length and no longer an auspicious time, it’s marked as detrimental. However, uttarayan motion method God’s day which could be very auspicious and really sure. Additionally it is believed that on these days Solar visits the home of his son Shani, who’s the swami of Makar Rashi, or capricorn. So this can be a pageant that highlights the robust bond between a father and son. That is the non secular a part of the tale. Makar Sankrati is basically seen as a pageant of harvesting, harvesting of the ravi plants. So, it is a pageant which has no longer simplest non secular, however cultural importance. It is vitally a lot associated with our lifestyles.

But even so this, the perfume of chocolates, particularly sesame/ til chikkis, or tilgud, badam ladoos, coconut ladoos, aroma of melting jaggery, bonfires, yummy and wholesome khichdi, makar melas/festivals and vibrant kites make everybody a little bit nostalgic and it takes us again in our early life days.

It’s the only pageant which is widely known otherwise in quite a lot of portions of India. Makar sankranti is without doubt one of the auspicious and propitious days for Hindus. Because the Solar God is the logo of sunshine, it takes us from darkness to nighttime. It’s a kind of fewest Indian gala’s to be celebrated in lots of states and annually it falls on 14th/15th January. Every state has its personal approach of celebrating the pageant. Kite flying, sesame chikkis, chocolates and ladoos are the primary appeal of the pageant. Makar festivals are organised with numerous merrymaking and other folks consult with festivals and experience so much.

Makar sankranti in Delhi and Haryana:

Makar sankranti is widely known with numerous love, devotion and circle of relatives bonding in Delhi and Haryana, and there it is named Sakraat. All of the brothers consult with their married sisters and present them heat garments, chocolates. The other halves additionally present their in-laws as a mark of affection and appreciate. It’s celebrated as a pageant of affection, bonding, sharing, being concerned and appreciate for each and every different. Pals and kin collect in a single position and have fun it along with a lot pleasure and amusing. Uttarayan in Gujrat: Makar Sankranti is widely known very specifically in Gujarat and the state additionally witnesses a distinct World Kite Flying pageant. After morning prayers and puja, other folks collect on terrace tops with their colourful kites. There are many kite video games and competitions cross on. Words like &quot;Kai po che&quot; is claimed to taunt the dropping facet. Other folks feed each and every different chocolates like chikki made from sesame seeds and peanuts and a distinct preparation of Undhiyu (a mixture of iciness greens). The state celebrates the pageant uniquely.

Magha Saaji – Himachal Pradesh

Saaji is the native phrase for Sankranti and Magha is the identify of the month, so it’s referred to as Magha Saaji. Other folks welcome spring by means of taking a holy dip within the rivers or shower in holy water. They consult with their pals and kin, percentage chocolates like chikki or khichdi and ghee (clarified butter). The locals additionally consult with temples to supply prayers and search God’s blessings, and do a large number of charity, give donations on these days. The night time is widely known with making a song people songs and acting dances.

Poush Parbon – West Bengal:

Poush Parbon is widely known in West Bengal with mouth watering chocolates and aroma of unpolluted minimize/harvested rice. Til ladoo, coconut ladoos, maalpoaa are probably the most candy treats from the state. The pageant falls at the closing day of the Hindu month of Poush and marks the start of Magha. Therefore, it is known as after the month. Particular palm jaggery is used to arrange chocolates and cuisine. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped at the day of Sankranti. West Bengal well-known, the Ganga Sagar carnival begins. It is vitally auspicious day, and other folks take holy dips and are available to the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal to take holy shower prior to morning time and worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Ganga.

Pongal – Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal consecutively for Four days and every day having a distinct importance. At the first day, other folks blank and adorn their properties, put on new garments and sell off the undesirable outdated issues. On the second one day, that’s the major Pongal day, other folks have fun by means of having quite a lot of chocolates and candy rice arrangements. The rice is boiled with milk and jaggery and allowed to boil over the pot. The minute the rice boils over, there’s a particular cry uttered and Pongal is widely known. The rice is obtainable to God after which shared by means of the folks. The opposite two days contain worshipping the livestock and visiting the kin with chocolates and items.

In Odisha:

In Odisha, any pageant is first to be celebrated at Puri in Jagannath Temple. Makar Sankranti is seen as Uttarayana Yatra &amp; Uttarayana Vandapanna of Lord Jagannath with numerous love, devotion and endless religion, other folks be offering a distinct more or less newly harvested rice and sugarcane blended with jaggery, grated coconut, banana, overwhelmed ginger, chenna (cheese), quite a lot of end result, dry end result and milk referred to as “Makara Chaula” to supply it as prasad, or bhog to the deity, the Solar God.

Sakraat or Khichdi – Bihar and Jharkhand:

The pageant is a 2-day pageant in Bihar and Jharkhand the place the folks take holy dips within the river, ponds early within the morning after which have bonfires into which they provide sesame seeds.

Chocolates are ready with sesame seeds and jaggery, a distinct candy tilgud made from sesame seeds and jaggery. The ladies people in villages come in combination and have fun the pageant whilst cooking khichdi which is a one pot dish ready out of rice cooked in with greens which is an excessively wholesome and yummy dish.

Makara Sankranti – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana:

In Andhra and Telangana, Makar Sankranti is a 4-day pageant and is widely known with a large number of pleasure. The households come in combination and have fun it with a large number of chocolates and in conventional techniques. The primary day is Bhoghi, 2d Makara Sankranti, 3rd is Kanuma and fourth is Mukkanuma. The traditions and celebrations on every day are other, whilst the primary 3 days a strict vegetarian vitamin is adopted.

Ghughuti or Kale Kauva (Black crow) – Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, Makar Sankranti is widely known because the pageant of welcoming the migratory birds as they imagine, it’s the season for the birds to finish their painful migration and go back house and it’s their homecoming. The locals give khichdi and different meals as charity and organise festivals and consult with each and every different. Sweetmeats are produced from sweetened flour (flour and jaggery/gur) deep fried in ghee by means of giving them other shapes like sword, knife, drum and many others. and the ones are strung in combination and an orange is put within the center and kids put on the ones as garlands to draw crows, birds, and be offering the ones chocolates to crows and birds as a blessing for the migratory birds on their go back again to house. Puri, vade, puwe also are cooked and fed to crows early within the morning. The kid who is in a position to feed the crow first is regarded as as fortunate.

Suggi – Karnataka

Suggi is the harvest pageant of Karnataka celebrated basically by means of farmers and the ladies. The ladies consult with each and every different’s properties in a ritual referred to as Ellu Birodhu they usually lift a plate of choices containing sesame seeds and jaggery, and different nuts like fried flooring nuts and coconut, sugar-cane items and chocolates with them for trade. Ladies additionally make rangolis outdoor their properties and adorn the livestock with vibrant decorations and paint their horns.

Magha Saaji – Himachal Pradesh

Saaji is the native phrase for Sankrant and Magha is the identify of the month and the sun-sign (capricorn) that commences with the arriving of the pageant. The day indicators a metamorphosis in seasons and other folks welcome spring by means of taking a dip within the rivers or shower in holy water. They consult with their neighbors and percentage chocolates like chikki or khichdi and ghee (clarified butter). The locals additionally consult with temples and do a large number of charity on these days. The night time is widely known with people songs and dances.

Lohri /Maghi – Punjab

The citizens of Punjab shower early within the morning and light-weight lamps with sesame oil to pressure away the darkness (from lifestyles) because it brings in prosperity. In addition they have large bonfires within the evenings and experience their day with tune and dances. Lohri marks the start of the top of iciness, starting of spring. The pageant is historically related to the harvest of the rabi plants. Lohri is noticed by means of some to be a harvest pageant. At the special occasion, choices of phulley (popcorn), moongphali (peanuts) and rewri (a candy delicacy produced from jaggery and sesame seed) are introduced to the fireplace.

Bihu in Assam: In Assam it’s celebrated as Bihu to have fun the top of the harvesting season as corps are able and saved in properties. Other folks have fun it by means of feasting, bonfires and making and distributing chocolates.

Maghe Sankranti – Nepal

Makar Sankranti is widely known as Maghe Sankranti and prefer maximum areas, they too have fun the pageant with sesame seeds, so sesame seed has a large number of relevance in celebrating the pageant. There’s a trust that years in the past, a businessman had a sack of sesame seeds which by no means perceived to finish. On digging throughout the bag, he discovered an idol of Lord Vishnu within the bag and therefore, sesame seeds turned into auspicious and Makar Sankranti is an auspicious day to start out new paintings and do sacred issues.

So, Makar sankranti is widely known around the nation with numerous amusing, feasting, harvesting, festivals, meals, chocolates, spending time with pals and kin, making bonfires, doing charity, giving donations, feeding animals and birds to unfold happiness, and sure power. Any such gorgeous pageant which no longer simplest provides the message to like the folks round you, however to like the entire animals and birds.

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Makar Sankranti is an ideal pageant which is widely known in all places the rustic with numerous amusing, feasting, meals, festivals, flying kites, people songs and dance. This is a pageant of yummy meals, chocolates, ladoos, chikkis, khichdi, and tilgud. The candy aroma of melting jaggery, sweetness of sesame seeds chikki, the yummy coconut ladoos, and the bottom nuts chikki make this pageant distinctive one. Each Indian pageant is a great instructor because it teaches us such a lot of excellent issues and instills the great values in us; it gets rid of our lack of awareness and is helping us immensely to change into a excellent human being. So, we will have to perceive the message at the back of each and every pageant.

Makar Sankranti is a PAN India pageant. It marks the top of the iciness and starting of the spring. Solar begins the uttarayan motion, or strikes against the northern hemisphere, so from Makar Sankranti days change into longer and nights change into shorter. Let’s know the explanations at the back of the rituals adopted in Makar sankranti:

Kite Flying: Makar sankranti is widely known in numerous techniques in quite a lot of portions of the rustic. Then again, kite flying is commonplace in Makar Sankranti. Other folks collect on terrace tops to fly kites. Flying kites require a large number of run, rush, stroll and frame actions which is excellent workout for our frame. Publicity to early rays of solar whilst flying kites is really helpful for our frame. Solar rays are the wealthy {source} of Diet-D which treatments pores and skin sicknesses and different sicknesses led to by means of cold Wintry weather. The message could be very transparent that &”depart the sedentary way of life and do workout on a regular basis” as it is going to stay you satisfied and wholesome.

Consuming tilgud ladoos/ chocolates made from sesame seeds and jaggery, badam and coconut ladoos: At the beginning, consuming and sharing chocolates with each and every different spreads love, happiness and positivity. But even so, sesame seeds are wealthy {source} of Vitamam-E which helps to keep the frame heat and offers, excellent quantity of oil that works as a excellent moisturizer for the frame. Coconut and flooring nuts also are wealthy assets of Diet- E which must be eaten all the way through iciness.
Consuming Khichdi: Makar sankranti may be celebrated as Khichdi pageant. Khichdi is ready and fed to other folks. Khichdi is an excessively yummy and wholesome one pot Indian dish which is made from rice, pulses cooked with such a lot of greens and it’s very wholesome to devour greens steamed together with rice. Khichdi is ready with rice, ghee, pulses, greens, Indian herbs and dry end result which makes it an excellent energy pack dish. This is a lesson discovered that “all the time devour wholesome to stick wholesome”. Consuming meals ready with much less oil, steam cooked meals and including leafy, inexperienced contemporary greens on your vitamin helps to keep us wholesome.

Kale kauva (black crow): Makar sankranti may be celebrated as Kale Kauva, which accurately method “black crow”. It’s celebrated in Uttarakhand to turn love against birds as they go back from their painful migration. So making ready sweetmeats, khichdi, puri, and vade other folks feed the crows and different birds. It teaches us to be sort against the blameless birds round us and to not motive any hurt to the blameless birds.

Donations and charity: Probably the most particular sides of this pageant is to do charity and assist the needy and deficient. Other folks donate quite a lot of pieces to the underprivileged like heat garments, blankets, meals, steel utensils and so forth. For Hindus, donation is a very powerful a part of one’s non secular responsibility as each and every particular person has the obligation against the society, against the entire international and the entire residing beings, but even so his personal circle of relatives.

Feeding Poors, Birds and animals: To many of us, Makara Sankranti ushers within the New Yr. The corn this is newly-harvested is cooked for the primary time on that day. Servants, farmers and the deficient are fed and clothed and given cash as donations. On tomorrow, the cow, which is thought of as the logo of the Holy Mom, is worshipped. Then there’s the feeding of birds and animals.

Friendship: Makar Sankranti may be the pageant to enhance the bond of friendship and other folks promise to change into pals with each and every different perpetually. In Odisha, other folks make “Makara Chaula” this is newly harvested raw rice blended with milk, ghee, honey, jaggery, grated coconut end result, dry end result , chhena (cottage cheese) and many others. as maintaining a healthy diet on this converting season could be very a lot essential. Consuming this “Makara Chaula” the 2 individuals bind each and every different within the bond of friendship perpetually. If two women change into pals, they name each and every different “Makara” and don’t name each and every different by means of names; and if two men they name each and every different “Maharshad”. Therefore,it’s an ideal pageant to have fun the bond of friendship.

Bonfires/ Burning Fires: On Makar sankranti other folks make bonfires, sing and dance round it, throw tils/sesame seeds, popcorns, puffed rice, sugar canes into the fireplace providing it to God and pray the Solar God and Hearth God to supply heat to the planet, to the entire human beings, animals, birds, and vegetation to stay them protected on this chilly iciness and supply heat in order that plants will develop correctly. In some portions of the rustic other folks blank and adorn their properties and no matter rejected, unused outdated stuff, and rubbish are discovered, they burn it within the fireplace.

Therefore, this pageant teaches us to be unselfish, to tread the trail of affection, purity, forgiveness and kindness.



Perspectives expressed above are the creator’s personal.



Perspectives expressed above are the creator’s personal.



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